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The dock renovation is now in full swing! Check back for updates in the coming months.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the dock renovation and temporary boat relocations as of July 11, 2024.

Changes since prior version are in Bold

Project Summary

VYC Marina occupants (Renters) will move their vessels from B, D, and E docks shortly before 1 April 2024. They will be temporarily berthed at Safeharbor Marina or on docks in The Keys. Insurance needs must be 500k minimum liability with Safeharbor listed as Additional Insured. Returning vessels will have new B, D, and E docks assigned (most will not change). Renters will be responsible for removing all items from the docks. Renters will continue to pay the VYC slip fee to VYC as normal. VYC will directly pay Safeharbor and the Keys hosting parties.

For questions related to the Dingy Rack Rebuild and the requirement to remove all dinghies by April 1, 2024 Click Here

Most of the docks are in and Bellingham is working on the electrical and fire systems.
Additionally, the ADA gangway must be complete before we are allowed into the new slips.
We hope that all of this will be completed at the end of July or the first week of August.


Can I opt-out and make my own arraignments?

Yes. If you plan in advance (in writing) such that MMC does not reserve a temporary slip for you for the duration of construction, your new slip will be reserved by paying the VYC “Cruising Rate” of 10% of your VYC slip rent, monthly. Please note that VYC is contracting with Safeharbor Marina, so your plans cannot include that marina. This method also applies if you do not accept MMC’s assignment in the KEYs or Safe Harbor.

Do I just pay VYC?

Yes, just continue to pay VYC the same amount. VYC will be paying the hosting Marina or Keys dock, for you. (VYC pays the extra costs for a marina)

More clarification of who pays what: Members will make their regular payments at their regular rates to VYC. While VYC will be paying the difference (all external slips are more expensive). VYC will pay the hosting party directly in bulk, with one check, to ease the paperwork for all.

Are any Boat Insurance changes required?

Currently, VYC Minimum Liability will soon be $500K.  In Safeharbor Marina the requirements are 500K minimum liability and list Safeharbor as an Additional Insured as follows: “Sun Communities, LLC, and its affiliates and subsidiaries 1362 Spinnaker Drive Ventura, CA 93001” Current registration or documentation required.

Assess your policy for any required changes.

If I have my boat in the haulout yard, do I still pay VYC slip fees?

Yes, if part of the construction time is spent in a Yard, slip fees continue as usual. If you plan to stay in the Yard or be Cruising, for the ENTIRE construction time, the above Opt-Out at 10% applies. If your boat is in Safeharbor Marina, your slip fee is billed monthly to VYC so if you arrange personally with Safeharbor Marina to not be in a billable slip for any agreed upon time, that billing rate will not be charged to you by VYC, but your new slip is still reserved with the 10% Cruising Fee for your return to VYC.

May I sub-lease my slip during construction in full or in part?

No. During construction you will not actually have a VYC slip to sublet.

Will my new slip be the same size or cost more for monthly slip fees?

After the construction, you will pay the same as you are paying now, even if we put you in a bigger slip.  However, the slip fee may adjust to the actual slip size over a period of time (Yet to be determined).  Or you may need to move to a smaller slip.


Dinghy Rack Storage

All dinghy storage agreements are terminated by the Board.

EVERY item must be removed before 31March, or a $500 fee plus removal costs will be charged.

Can I Use my E-Dock slip if I have means to get to that floating dock?

No. Bellingham was clear that all docks need to be empty or delays will ensue.

Construction effects ALL vessels on B, D, AND E docks. No exceptions.

Do I have to find a temporary slip?

No, VYC is contracting with Safe Harbor Marina. Part of that deal is a simple transaction between Safe Harbor Marina and VYC. Please see Opt-Out choices in the Finance section if you with to make your own arraignments. VYC wants to help hosting marinas by minimizing office overhead. VYC MMC will arrange for, and assign slips for the Member renters. The Club will pay those marinas directly, covering the extra costs of those slips, saving you money.

Did we loose a slip?

A 36ft slip will be displaced during these changes. That vessel will be put on the Guest Dock temporarily. That person will be placed on the top of the Slip Wait List, above all others, as 1st available. That will be decided by boat size and seniority.

What are the impacts to A & C docks?

The main gangway will be rebuilt, causing a temporary obstruction. The work of driving pilings will cause silt and noise. Impediments to boats should be minimal, allowing race boats to traverse the marina with nominal inconveniences. Power and water outages should be brief and not significant to boats with water tanks and batteries. Please be patient.

What are the impacts to the use of the clubhouse and grounds?

Minimal. There will be brief outages of water. Electrical should not be affected. A schedule will be available to the Office to mitigate event conflicts.

What if I can’t move my vessel in time?

Any equipment left on the docks will be considered trash. Any vessel still in a slip will be moved by VYC personnel per the Rules with a minimum $500 fee, plus costs, to VYC.  Members may arrange for friends to move their boat, within the Coast Guard rules of not being paid crew (non commercial endeavor) and all other applicable rules.

Contact VYC for a list of USCG licensed captains for YOU to hire to move your vessel before 31mar24. VYC office not involved in those arrangements.


Where can I store my existing personal dock box during construction?

Take them home. Upon completion of the new and beautiful docks, returning personal dock boxes will have to meet the VYC requirement of Section #19 of the VENTURA YACHT CLUB DOCK AND DRY STORAGE RULES to be a Conforming type and style as defined by the Board. That dock box is:”Taylor Made Products 83561 Stow ‘N Go Triangle Dock Box “. DO NOT PUT HAZMAT IN THE VYC TRASH RECEPTACLES

What paperwork will I need?

Insurance to 500K and Additional Insured to the marina (see Finance section). Current registration or documentation. A signed Berth Agreement with Safe Port. KEYs agreements are available upon request at VYC office. Each Member’s file will be reviewed during this endeavor for completeness. Please cooperate cordially with any inquiries our office staff may have.

Where can I store my personal dock box during construction?

All personal “second” dock boxes must be removed and will not be allowed on the new docks. See the VYC Office for purchasing new “second” dock boxes, after location approval by the VYC Port Captain.

Where shall I store the things I stow on the dock like kayaks?

On your deck or at home (preferred) Storage of large items on the dock may be in violation of your Berth Agreement. Hosting marinas may have rules against such items and/or cluttered decks.


When will it start? LIST OF DATES

All paperwork due before 20Feb
Move to Safe Harbor 23Mar24 through 31Mar24
KEYs boats move in 23Mar24 through 31Mar24
All boats and equipment removed by March 31st
Construction starts 1Apr24
Completion “End of July – Early August”

What date will the new docks be completed, ready to receive boats?

Completion of the project is likely near the end of  July 2024 or the beginning of August 2024.

New slip upon return to VYC

How are slips going to be assigned?

By the MMC using, current slip position, boat size, and Membership seniority.

How do I get my new VYC slip location and slip number?

The MMC will be assigning the new dock slips.

What electrical service & connector will my new slip have?

Each slip will have a new dock box with power and water. And a light too. 36 Foot slips get (20 120V 30A plugs and 42 foot slips get (1) 120V 30A plug and (1) 208V 50A plug. The 42/36 foot combo slips on D Dock get (1) 120V 30A plug and (1) 208V 50A plug. and the 42/36 combo slip on B dock gets (20 120V 30A plugs.

What size slip will I get?

Generally, all slips will be the same or larger. MMC will assign you a new slip. Specific slip sizes to the inch (once assigned) are available on the released DRC drawing for your newly assigned slip.

Where can I mount my water softening equipment on the new docks?

Water softening additions to the new docks must be in compliance, similar to dock boxes. The equipment location must be approved by the VYC Port Captain, in new condition, and not be taller than the Bellingham dock boxes. Equipment must not mount to the Bellingham docks, only to the renter’s dock box.

Will my new slip have room for my second, personally owned dock box?

All privately owned “second” Dock Boxes shall be approved by the Board. Purchase new dock boxes, once approved in writing by the VYC Port Captain for location, through our VYC Office.

Temporary locations

Are there any special requirements or documents needed for Partnership or corporate owned vessels?

No special requirements should effect Partnerships.

Can I install Dock Wheels and/or other slip improvements in the temporary slip?

No, we are not to change or burden the hosting marinas with slip modifications.

Can I visit my temporary slip before moving the boat so I know where it is and how to approach it from sea?

If you don’t have access to that marina yet, a visit by dingy might be best. Be polite, Boarding their dock could be considered Trespassing. See TIMING section for dates of availability.

Can my regular maintenance people get to my boat at the temporary marina?

Most marinas require maintenance personnel to be licensed and insured and on the Harbor’s “Current CID Vendors” list. Your maintenance people should have access to the hosting marina through that list. If in the Keys, an agreement should be made with the home owner.

Will I have access and storage if my boat is in in The Keys?

Boats who have the privilege of being docked in the Keys during construction will have reasonable access as agreed upon with the homeowner. Please respect the privacy of the homeowners and be flexible.

What accommodations will be made for Liveaboards?

Most of the Liveaboards vessels will be accommodated at VYC during construction. Some may be in Safe Harbor Marina since the Guest Dock has insufficient space for all. You will pay your  regular VYC rates, which include the livaboard fees.

What maintenance can I do at a temporary slip?

All maintenance must be in compliance with the hosting marina’s policies and those of the Port. All projects should be completed before going to the temporary slip, and new projects differed until return to VYC in your new slip. That said, VYC encourages all members to be good Guests and keep maintenance to a minimum such as exterior wash-downs without soaps and using local workers for bottom cleaning, hull polishing, and other light work. Under no circumstances shall a Member leave debris on the water or an oily sheen.

Can I use Vessel Assist or another tow boat method to move my boat?

Use of a tow service, or other not-as-designed methods(outboards, dingy, etc) of propulsion is proof of not being seaworthy per the VYC Berth Agreement. But the VYC dock must be empty so towing from VYC is a compromise. All boats shall return to the new docks under their own power. Therefore such vessels should schedule a haulout for required repairs.

What perks can I ask of the temporary marina?

Very little please. VYC wants to be Good Neighbors for the accommodating marinas and their assistance.

Where will my boat go?

Safe Harbor Marina or to a home in The Keys as assigned by VYC MMC. See the Departure Options Form for other options.

Will I have full access at the temporary marina and a key?

You will have access as a Guest, in accordance to the rules of Safeharbor Marina. Be aware that for any lost Marina keys at Safeharbor Marina you will be charged $100 each.

Will I have to change my insurance Additional Insured to the temporary marina?

Yes, see question in Financial Section of FAQ.

Will I need a survey or meet other requirements of the temporary marina that VYC does not require?

No survey will be required. You will be signing berthing agreements and agreeing to abide by all marina rules.